Why I Love The Oscars


The most anticipated awards show in cinema gets so much flack every year, but surely there’s a reason so many tune in for the biggest ceremony of all?

Despite falling audience numbers and continuous criticism, I absolutely love the Oscars – and look forward to the big late-night marathon every year.

Chaos and Controversy

As much as the Academy might not like to admit it, chaos and controversy is one of the biggest reasons I tune into the Oscars every year.

Who could forget Terrence Howard’s hilariously awkward speech back in 2015? John Travolta failing to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name the year before? Marlon Brando refusing to accept Best Actor in 1973? And what about the legendary Best Picture mix-up in 2017?

The Oscars are the height of live television, and anything can go wrong at any moment. But over the course of its three hour-plus telecast, waiting for those moments is always an absolute joy. Not to mention the hilarious fallout the morning after.

The Best Films of the Year on Show

Sure, the Oscars don’t always showcase all the very best movies of a given year, but they always reward quality in bucketloads.

Criticism over its Hollywood bias is fair, but even so, there’s nothing like looking back over the year in cinema with so many great movies on display in one ceremony.

And if you’ve been following the latest releases through the whole year, the Oscars serves as somewhat of a cup final for movie lovers around the world. It’s the biggest night of the year, and Best Picture is the biggest honour a film can receive.

The Academy Awards are not the be-all and end-all of the movie world, but it rewards so much incredible work on so many fantastic films every year. And what’s not to love about that?

The Spotlight Shines on Cinema’s Unsung Heroes

Many say that the Oscars are just four hours of Hollywood patting itself on the back for all the money it has made over the last year, but that’s not entirely true.

Actors, writers and directors get most of the spotlight through the year, but the Oscars, with their wide range of award categories, reward the people who have worked tirelessly on the more subtle, but still absolutely essential parts of moviemaking.

From costume designers to editors, cinematographers to sound mixers and more, winning an Academy Award is the pinnacle of a person’s career.

And with so many humble and down-to-earth individuals nominated in the smaller, technical categories, their acceptance speeches are always gracious, entertaining and a delight to listen to.

Some people say we should get rid of the technical categories because they’re boring and nobody cares about them. But they’re actually one of the most important and lovable parts about the Oscars, providing a deserving spotlight for so many hard-working people every year.

Underdogs and Surprises

Yes, awards season is often predictable and a bit disheartening. From runaway category winners to undeserving frontrunners, it can often seem like the movie world has just gone mad with some of the choices being made.

But, that makes the surprises and underdogs who come to the fore on Oscar night all the more exciting.

The unexpected Best Picture wins for Spotlight, Moonlight and The Shape Of Water in recent years were all delightful, and the many surprises and shocks in the rest of the categories mean there’s always a reason to watch the ceremony all the way through.

Glitz and Glamour

Okay, Björk’s swan dress is one of the stranger examples of the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, but in all honesty, there’s something really fun about watching Hollywood put on its biggest show of all.

Yes, it can be a bit boastful and ostentatious, but once a year, it’s always a joy to see the biggest and brightest stars of showbiz gather together in a sea of glamour.

It’s a delight for fashion fans to catch a glimpse at celebrities’ million-dollar outfits, while film fans always have a great time revelling at the odd celebrity couples that the Oscar crowd strikes up.

Four Weird and Wonderful Hours in the World of Showbiz

The Oscars get a lot of flack every year, and rightly so. But there’s something irresistible about spending four weird and wonderful hours at the heart of showbiz.

From the hilarious chaos and controversy to the heartwarming moments in the spotlight for cinema’s unsung heroes, there’s always something to love about the Oscars.

It’s long, it’s very showy, and it’s not the ultimate authority on what’s good and what’s not in the movie world. But as far as glitz, glamour and spectacle goes, there really is nothing quite like the Academy Awards.

So, tune into the 92nd Academy Awards on Sunday 9th February at 5:00pm PST.

You can watch the Oscars live in the UK on Sky Cinema Oscars from 1:00am on Monday 10th February.


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