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The UK release calendar is always a hotbed of activity at this time of the year, but February 2020 is really overflowing with hotly-anticipated movies wherever you look.

So, here are the best new movies to watch at UK cinemas this February.


A major contender for glory at the Oscars on February 9th, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite is the must-watch movie of the month by a long way.

I was lucky enough to catch the film last year at a preview, but I’ll definitely be taking my seat in cinemas for another viewing of this fantastic thriller.

It’s a slick, exciting and breathlessly unpredictable watch filled with award-worthy performances and an ingenious screenplay. Topped off with charismatic and passionate directing from Bong Joon-ho, it’s a nail-biting thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Parasite UK Release: Feb 7th
(Trailer here)

Birds Of Prey

The newest film from DC after the stunning success of Joker, director Cathy Yan’s comic book extravaganza Birds Of Prey is without a doubt the most interesting prospect of the month.

Centring on Harley Quinn and a band of female heroes and anti-heroes, the film is a quasi-follow-up to 2016’s Suicide Squad, but will be doing everything not to repeat the disappointment of that film three years ago.

Charismatic trailers and offbeat marketing set Birds Of Prey up as an enjoyably strange superhero movie, perhaps marking DC out as forgers of a different path in comic book cinema following on from Joker. It may not be perfect, but will certainly be a fun and unique watch.

Birds Of Prey UK Release: Feb 7th
(Trailer here)


Garnering fairly strong reviews in a genre that’s often dead on its feet before release, Underwater looks set to be a creature feature that will give you more than a good enough time at the movies.

With great acting talent in the form of a starring role by Kristen Stewart, the film follows a group of scientists stuck at the bottom of the ocean after an attack by unknown creatures.

It’s been called simple and derivative by some, but it’s also gained acclaim for its claustrophobic thrills and visual effects, so if you’re looking for a good horror-thriller this month, Underwater is the one to go for.

Underwater UK Release: Feb 7th
(Trailer here)


Remember, this isn’t a list of the best movies you’ll see at the cinema in February, but a guide of what you can watch. If you so please.

Starring Robert Downey Jr., the latest remake of Dolittle looks absolutely terrible. It’s already out in the US, where the reviews have lived up to that entirely, with almost all viewers above 6 years old struggling to make it all the way through.

If you need something to entertain the kids for a couple of hours, this might be good enough, but it’ll come at the price of you having to sit through a horribly dull, unoriginal CGI mess.

Dolittle UK Release: Feb 7th
(Trailer here)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Delayed following the internet’s flabbergasted response to the original design of the character, Sonic The Hedgehog could be a whole lot stronger than many expect.

Of course, it’s another kids’ movie, and will be a far better choice than Dolittle for parents, as it stars an A-list cast featuring James Marsden and especially Jim Carrey in an energetic turn as Dr. Robotnik.

The CGI looks good, and the plot looks simple and enjoyable enough – a road trip adventure to save the world. Saying that, there are still whiffs of Garfield about it, and it won’t be winning any big awards come the next Oscars.

Sonic The Hedgehog UK Release: Feb 14th
(Trailer here)


This is more of the Valentine’s Day fare you’ll want for a date night – a comedy of manners in the form of the latest big-screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel: Emma.

Starring rising star Anya Taylor-Joy in the lead role, along with a whole host of British stars, the film promises delightful larks and delicious gossip like you only find in an Austen story.

With delectable costume design and cordial period dialogue, the film will certainly be a delight for all fans of Austen fare, but its brand of humour and immense onscreen talent makes it a film that you should absolutely go out and see.

Emma. UK Release: Feb 14th
(Trailer here)


A take on the extravagance of the modern class of the super-rich, Greed is a comedy with a clear political streak, and a point to prove.

A (very) thinly-veiled attack on high street supremo Philip Green, the film plays into similar themes to The Wolf Of Wall Street and Loro about Jordan Belfort and Silvio Berlusconi respectively, seemingly playing out with an equally anarchic sense of dark humour.

The reviews so far have been middling, but with a heap of great British talent, and clear fervour and passion behind the story, Greed isn’t a film that will go unnoticed this month.

Greed UK Release: Feb 21st
(Trailer here)

Like A Boss

The big Hollywood comedy of the month is full of A-listers, with Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne and Salma Hayek among other starring in Like A Boss.

Reviews from the film’s American release have been frankly terrible, and the trailers don’t seem to suggest that the movie has much to offer in terms of big laughs or interesting storytelling.

It seems to be acting in the same vein as Second Act with an empowering story of women in business, but without any of the same heart or brains. Like A Boss might be a fun, throwaway watch for some, but might also be a painful one to sit through.

Like A Boss UK Release: Feb 21st
(Trailer here)


The Hollywood remake of the brilliantly dark Swedish film Force Majeure, Downhill is a fascinating prospect and should provide laughs and introspective drama all the way through.

American remakes don’t have a great track record, and it will be interesting to see how the movie takes on the same story in a different or similar way. With the writers of the excellent comedy-drama The Descendants on board, however, there’s more than enough chance it will be a great watch.

The story of a happy marriage that ruptures unexpectedly after a seeemingly inconsequential incident, the plot is absolute gold dust, and with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell in the lead roles, should be a great laugh too.

Downhill UK Release: Feb 28th
(Trailer here)

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

We’re getting a late release of the French drama that’s made waves across the world over the last few months, but it’s never too late to enjoy the brilliant Portrait Of A Lady On Fire.

I managed to catch a preview of the film back in November, but I absolutely recommend that you go out and see what is easily one of the most striking, beautiful and emotionally enthralling films in a long while.

A romantic drama that breathes immense passion, the film is an exhilarating and gorgeous watch that plays out against the windswept backdrop of northern France, thrilling with tactile visuals and an eye for the beauty of life.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire UK Release: Feb 28th
(Trailer here)


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