86. Thank You For Smoking (2005)

7.9 Intelligent and interesting
  • Acting 7.8
  • Directing 7.8
  • Story 8.0
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, David Koechner, J.K. Simmons

Director: Jason Reitman

Running Time: 92 mins

Thank You For Smoking is an American film about a businessman who is works as the chief spokesman for a national tobacco firm, and while selling cigarettes to the world, he tries to keep himself a role model for his young son.

This definitely had an amazingly original and intriguing story, and that was definitely very pleasant to see, and also the comedy was also very good too, which was very good because I did not think that I would understand this satire on the modern American business world, however I was definitely interested wholly in the story.

Sometimes it’s nice to watch a film with no highly established actors in it, and this was probably a prime example, so I was definitely able to watch it with a completely unbiased view, making my overall opinion on it a lot more fair, as there was no real bias.

Overall, I’ll give this a 7.9 because it had a great, original story, and it was also very funny to watch, and despite the occasional boring and overly satirical scene, it was a great joy to watch.


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