771. Back To The Future (1985)

8.8 The coolest film ever!
  • Acting 8.9
  • Directing 8.8
  • Story 8.8
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Starring: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Running Time: 117 mins

Back To The Future is an American film about a teenager who accidentally travels 30 years back in time to 1955 in a DeLorean built by the eccentric Dr. Brown, and after an unforeseen error upon his arrival in the past, he must do everything he can to make sure his teenage parents get together so that he isn’t erased from time forever.

This is an absolutely fantastic film! It’s the perfect display of fun, action, a whole mix of genres, from sci-fi to romance to comedy to drama, and a brilliant story that makes it one of the most consistently entertaining and imaginative films I’ve ever seen, and it really made me smile from ear to ear all the way through.

There’s actually one, and only one word to perfectly describe this film: cool. Everything about everything in this film is cool, but what’s most cool is Michael J. Fox’s classic performance as Marty McFly. Marty’s not the most intelligent guy, and he’s so impulsive that you’d think that you’d find him annoying to watch.

However, I’ve got to say that Michael J. Fox makes Marty McFly so cool that you can’t help but absolutely love everything about him, mostly because he’s just so enthusiastic and entertaining when it comes to some of the more awkward and/or dramatic parts of the film that the level of fun goes up so much.

One of the other best things about this film is its brilliant story. Of course, it’s full of mind-bending time paradoxes that are still simple enough to enjoy, whilst it also uses some really odd and hilariously disturbing plot lines that make it really interesting on a deeper level, while also making it even more entertaining.

The other interesting thing about the story is that it’s actually quite convincing. Whilst it’s a totally preposterous story, it’s explained really well, and the whole thing makes a lot of sense, and it’s that that really helps you to get properly engrossed in this hugely enjoyable film.

Anyway, the main fun factor in this film is that it’s full of crazy action and thrills. There is some fantastic comedy, which is what gives this film it’s brilliantly light-hearted tone, however the action is what makes this film so exciting all the way through, and the fact that the stakes are so high, and that it feels so realistic a story, makes it even more thrilling as it all ramps up towards the end.

Overall, this gets an 8.8, because it’s just so full of fun, a stunning central performance by Michael J. Fox, an epic story line that’s full of thrills, entertainment and excitement.


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