759. The Bounty Hunter (2010)

5.5 Boring
  • Acting 5.8
  • Directing 5.8
  • Story 5.0
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis

Director: Andy Tennant

Running Time: 110 mins

The Bounty Hunter is an American film about a bounty hunter, who, after being assigned his ex-wife as his next target, finds himself on the run with her as they escape the police and rekindle their romance that fell apart so dramatically before.

In short, this just isn’t a good enough film. It’s not funny enough, it has a too weak a romance to be considered a proper rom-com, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston’s performances are just too generic and poor, and it’s just far too long and boring, dragging on for nearly two hours in a totally predictable and tedious story.

Despite all that, there is one good thing about this film, the action. It may only pop up in one or two scenes, but when it does, it’s such a breath of fresh air into the constantly fledgling story line, and it really saves this film from being totally tedious and unwatchable.

The main problem with this film, I think, is that it tries too hard to be Mr. & Mrs. Smith, while also trying to be a lot lighter and easier to watch, by way of making everything a little less action-packed, and trying to put more focus onto a cheesy romance, but seeing as it’s so boring, it just doesn’t work.

And as a result, as well as getting the fun action left behind by the romance, you also get all the laughs left behind. This has the potential to be funny, although Butler and Aniston’s poor on-screen chemistry means that it’s never able to be convincingly funny, but there’s just not enough strong stand-alone jokes being put forward, it’s just full of random, meh gags that just didn’t make me laugh.

Overall, then, this gets a 5.5, because despite the rare glimpses of fun action, its terrible comedy, poor performances and cheesy, boring romance make it a thoroughly uninteresting watch.


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