417. License To Wed (2007)

4.5 Only watch it for Williams
  • Acting 5.2
  • Directing 4.3
  • Story 4.0
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, John Krasinski

Director: Ken Kwapis

Running Time: 91 mins

License To Wed is an American film about a couple who are put through a strict marriage course by a reverend, in order to determine whether they are right to marry each other.

There’s a reason I don’t watch lots of rom-coms, and this pretty much sums up what that is. This film had an awfully cheesy story, annoying characters who go berserk about every single thing that may affect their relationship, even the most menial things, which may be a true fact, but believe me, it’s extremely irritating to watch for 90 minutes.

First of all, this film has pretty much no-one in it that you will have heard of, or consider to be any sort of a good actor, except for Robin Williams, who I’m a big fan of. That’s why I decided to brave this film, his comic ability may have been able to carry the usually cheesy plot line, but sadly, he was the most annoying person to watch throughout, constantly infuriating me as the movie went on.

This film sort of reminds me of Anger Management, but that only has one saving grace: there’s not too much romantic stuff in it. This, on the other hand, constantly bombards you with sentiments and discussions about what it’s like to be a couple, and how important trust and confidence between partners is, but the thing is, it’s so boring, I couldn’t be bothered to pick up on any of that.

The comedy is also pretty poor, with the only laughs for me coming from the occasional slapstick moment, and that, amongst various other disappointments, is why I’m giving this a 4.5.


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