387. Just Friends (2005)

5.4 Very irritating
  • Acting 5.5
  • Directing 5.6
  • Story 5.1
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Faris

Director: Roger Kumble

Running Time: 96 mins

Just Friends is an American film about a man who comes across his high school crush while visiting his hometown ten years after his graduation. However, his character now doesn’t really fit with what she liked about him when they were friends in the past.

Well, this film was as cheesy as could be. It was the typical rom-com cliché, with a little bit of unnecessary festive joking to make it even worse; a story that didn’t move at all throughout, filled with incredibly annoying characters, and comedy that was on the whole pretty poor.

This story was just completely irritating, predictable and cheesy. I accept that the classic rom-com is meant to be like that, however the main problem was that at no point did it decide to move even slightly away from that artificial idea.

The story itself wasn’t very impressive either, as it barely had any protagonist, as the main guy was so annoying in switching between vastly different personalities that it was impossible to decide whether you wanted to support him or not, greatly irritating me throughout. It wasn’t just the main man though, every character in this film had countless flaws, and barely one quality that made you want to be interested in them.

As for the comedy, it just wasn’t funny. I couldn’t bare to watch hundreds of awful jokes be thrust at me left, right and centre, and there was basically no point at which I properly laughed at a joke until the very last line, which I’ll admit was hilarious.

Anyway, overall, I’ll give this a 5.4, because it was just stupid, clichéd, not very funny and extremely irritating.


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