361. Green Street (2005)

8.2 Fascinating and exciting
  • Acting 8.3
  • Directing 8.1
  • Story 8.3
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Starring: Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani

Director: Lexi Alexander

Running Time: 109 mins

Green Street is a British film about an American student who is expelled from Harvard University, and after, he moves over to London, where he is taken in by the members of the West Ham football firm, the GSE, where he learns about the violent nature of football hooliganism.

This film was really good. It was exciting, rapid-fire, had a fascinating story with a brilliantly intriguing principal character, moving from riches to rags, and also, lots of good action and violence throughout to make it even more exciting to watch.

Often, films which centre around football firms and their conflicts can spiral into a story that does often become over the top in terms of the violence and pure brutality, for example The Football Factory, however in this film, I was delighted to see that the story was put way ahead of the atmosphere and visual representation of the situation, making it truly fascinating to follow.

Having said that, the violence in it did also really add to the excitement of the film. Woven brilliantly into the plot, these scenes brought you right into the action, giving you a greater sense of involvement, and therefore intrigue, in the story, which was good too.

The way this film did manage to both show the world of football hooliganism, as well as give a good and different story line made it one of the most interesting and exciting films I’ve seen in a while, and because of that, I’ll give it an 8.2.


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