344. 633 Squadron (1964)

6.5 Very patriotic
  • Acting 6.3
  • Directing 6.8
  • Story 6.3
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris, Maria Perschy

Director: Walter Grauman

Running Time: 102 mins

633 Squadron is a British film about an RAF squadron that is sent out on a risky mission to attack a German weapons factory located in occupied Norway, where one officer is being held captive by the Nazis.

Well, being one of the classic British war films, this was a good watch. I have to say that the story was not necessarily the best ever, but made in the 60s, the best era for these post-war British films, gave it that cheerful and patriotic feel that made it really pleasant to watch.

Like many of the other fictional stories based around Second World War missions and scenarios, I thought that the plot of this film was quite poor. It was long-winded and very little happened until the end, with a slightly cheesy romance story chucked in the middle, but still, it was fun to watch throughout.

The theme tune was probably the best part of this film. Not to say the rest of the film was terrible, but those trumpets gave a fantastically uplifting and ambitious atmosphere to the film, making me grin with cheer at every playing of it throughout, and gladly, it did pop up a lot.

The final battle scene in which the mission actually happens was quite exciting, but the main thing was that it maintained that amazingly patriotic feel (while also being similarly like the end of Star Wars, don’t know why), and because of that, I’ll give this a 6.5.


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