3436. The Suicide Squad (2021)

8.2 Hilarious, violent and full of energy
  • Acting 8.3
  • Directing 8.3
  • Story 8.1
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Starring: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena

Director: James Gunn

Running Time: 132 mins

The Suicide Squad is an American film about a group of prisoners tasked with infiltrating a mysterious experiment facility in an unstable South American nation, with certain death seemingly the only way out.

First things first, let’s put the memory of the original Suicide Squad out of our minds. This is way, way better. Featuring a much-needed injection of energy in the form of writer-director James Gunn, The Suicide Squad is a deliriously funny and delightfully violent superhero blockbuster that’s full of action and gusto from the very start to the very finish.

Let’s start with the very beginning, because The Suicide Squad kicks off with one of the sharpest, most concise opening sequences I’ve seen in a superhero movie for years. Immediately getting you familiar with its dark sense of humour, wacky characters and love for violence, this movie is an absolute riot right from the off.

A hell of a lot happens in the first ten minutes or so, but it all serves to set up the film’s main story in brilliant style, as we come to focus on the central team of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, Nanaue, Polka Dot Man, Rick Flag and of course Harley Quinn.

With a rather more stripped-down Suicide Squad than last time out, this movie really lets you fall in love with these characters, bolstered by the brilliant performances from each and every one of the leads, with Margot Robbie again shining as Harley Quinn, Daniela Melchior really impressing as Ratcatcher 2, Sylvester Stallone and John Cena delighting as Nanaue and Peacemaker, and Idris Elba really anchoring the whole team as the charismatic but constantly jaded Bloodsport.

Complete with writer-director James Gunn’s classic fervour for offbeat humour and hilariously violent action, The Suicide Squad is every bit the brilliantly entertaining superhero movie that its predecessor wasn’t, with the blend of comedy, character depth and great action always keeping you hooked.

Admittedly, the film’s big action finale goes for a tiny bit too long, but it’s still full of great twists and yet more hilarious comedy, particularly as the team go up against one of the most ridiculous yet somehow still frightening villains in the entirety of the DCEU.

The film’s action and energy is only bettered by fantastic visual effects and a pitch-perfect screenplay, delivering laughs, thrills and more to the highest quality from beginning to end.

Overall, I had a whale of a time with The Suicide Squad. An immensely energetic blockbuster filled with laughs, a plethora of brilliant performances and kick-ass action from start to finish, it’s an irresistibly entertaining watch, and that’s why I’m giving it an 8.2.


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