3432. Say I Do (2004)

7.3 Cheesy, but enjoyably manic
  • Acting 7.4
  • Directing 7.4
  • Story 7.1
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Starring: Paz Vega, Santi Millán, Constantino Romero

Director: Juan Calvo

Running Time: 104 mins

Say I Do (Di que sí) is a Spanish film about an introverted man and an extravagant woman who are paired together on a dating show which pushes them into reluctantly marrying.

A delightfully wacky romantic comedy, Say I Do offers up a lot of laughs on the back of two zany performances from Paz Vega and Santi Millán, and although it arguably overstays its welcome into the final act, it’s a cheery, silly film that will certainly put a smile on your face.

Following two dating show contestants who are pushed into marrying for the ‘story’ of the contest, Say I Do seems like it would have all the ingredients for a painfully irritating comedy, not least watching two people completely unsuited for one another forced to be together.

That said, while the film certainly isn’t a beautiful depiction of love at first sight, it is a perfectly pleasant story of two people growing to like one another over time, even if it’s initially borne out of a common enemy in the producers of the show they’re on.

In the lead roles, Paz Vega and Santi Millán work wonderfully together, and it’s their chemistry which allows you to really fall in love with the movie’s wacky tendencies, as the story of their relationship goes from awkward dating show couple to bizarre dynamite duo.

The film’s final act arguably takes things a little too far, and while there are a lot of laughs to be had, perhaps a full-on criminal car chase wasn’t exactly necessary for the good of the movie. That being said, Say I Do never takes itself too seriously, and that makes it a really charming watch throughout. So, I’m giving Say I Do a 7.3 overall.


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