3241. The Cat In The Hat (2003)

7.6 A bizarre joy
  • Acting 7.7
  • Directing 7.7
  • Story 7.3
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Starring: Mike Myers, Spencer Breslin, Dakota Fanning

Director: Bo Welch

Running Time: 82 mins

The Cat In The Hat is an American film about two children who are met by a giant hat-wearing cat, and must make sure they don’t mess up their house, before their mother gets back.

Fantastically silly and completely insane, The Cat In The Hat is in no way a drain. With great acting, writing and visuals too, it’s a Dr. Seuss adaptation that’s a real hot to view. Complete with comedy fun for all ages, the movie gets better and better as it moves through its stages.

Okay, enough of the rhyming, I’m not Dr. Seuss, but I must say that The Cat In The Hat is one of the best Seuss film adaptations I’ve seen. Weird, loopy and really quite funny, the movie’s a great watch on a day when it’s not sunny.

I’m doing it again. Sorry. Anyway, The Cat In The Hat delivers far more than laughs for just kids, but a great mix of gross-out humour and even adult jokes that’ll have you in fits.

With a hilarious performance from Mike Myers in costume, there’s no shortage of energy here as The Cat In The Hat sings its odd tune. Though strange and bizarre, Myers is such a great laugh, alongside his co-stars, who match up to him and then even a half.

The trio are great, as they do battle with a bad guy, played by Alec Baldwin, who’s funny to see cry. As the film goes on and their feud gets ever greater, their once clean household ends up looking like a crater.

But it’s not just laughs and a zany plot, as The Cat In The Hat counts on great visuals, the sort which I could forget not. Bright, weird and colourful wherever you look, the film really looks like a Dr. Seuss book.

And that’s about it for The Cat In The Hat, a film that’s such a great watch, there’s no doubt about that. Funny, weird and silly, with lots of laughs too, both kids and grown-ups will love it, and keep watching anew.

So with that all in mind, I hope you’ll agree, that The Cat In The Hat is a film that really pleased me. So much fun that’ll it’ll put you in a mix, I think overall I’ll give it a 7.6.

(Good thing I didn’t try to keep up the rhyming there, this review would have been nonsensical otherwise…oh no.)


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