32. Tube Tales (1999)

5.6 Pretty dull
  • Acting 5.7
  • Directing 5.2
  • Stories 5.9
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Jason Flemyng, Denise Van Outen, Ray Winstone

Director: Various

Running Time: 84 mins

Tube Tales is a British film compiled of 9 different short stories of people’s journeys on the London Underground.

Watching films with numerous unconnected story lines is a bit weird to me, and this was even weirder. Having travelled on the Tube countless times myself, I understand many of the in-jokes and stories in this film, however it all seemed a bit boring to me.

Throughout the film, I did not manage to enjoy every story, especially the stories: “Bone” and “A Bird In The Hand”, which had no dialogue, so were especially boring.

However, I did enjoy 3 of the stories: “Mr.Cool”, “Horny” and “My Father The Liar”, which were very funny, and quite interesting stories, and I enjoyed Ray Winstone’s performance in “My Father The Liar” too.

Overall, this gets 5.6 because it was a bit too boring for me because of the unconnected story lines as well as the occasional tale without any dialogue, however there were good points throughout.


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