3082. Moonstruck (1987)

7.6 Wonderfully honest
  • Acting 7.5
  • Directing 7.5
  • Story 7.8
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Starring: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Danny Aiello

Director: Norman Jewison

Running Time: 102 mins

Moonstruck is an American film about a woman who, years after suffering a dose of bad luck in her previous marriage, finds herself stuck when she falls in love with the brother of her new fiancé.

More than just your average romantic comedy, Moonstruck is a funny, heartfelt and above all wonderfully honest look at relationships in all guises. Complete with an excellent lead performance from Cher and an intimate portrait of an Italian-American community, there’s a lot to love about this film.

If you are just looking for laughs and sweet romance, then Moonstruck is absolutely worth your time. It might not rely on farce and cringe comedy in the way that so many films in the genre do, but with a well-written screenplay and hugely charismatic performances, there is no shortage of more superficial, light-hearted entertainment here.

However, the real charm of Moonstruck is something a little deeper. Taking on the topic of love and relationships with a blend of pragmatic realism as well as dramatic license, the film proves an impressively insightful and moving watch as it follows the emotional ups and downs of two broken souls coming together.

Cher plays a widow who has feared marriage for years given the bad luck that befell her previous husband, while Nicolas Cage a man who had his perfect woman snatched away from him by a cruel twist of fate. Both, hurt by the past, begin to open up for the first time in years as they see their own pain in one another.

It may sound simple, but to have a premise that’s both so grounded in reality and well-developed from the start is a really rare thing in a romantic comedy, and it makes a world of difference in allowing you to form a deep connection with the characters’ relationship.

Filled with a gripping blend of anguish and optimism for a second chance, Moonstruck is one of those rare Hollywood romances that really looks hard at the highs and lows of love.

Meanwhile, the film features an intimate and honest look at an Italian-American community, going beyond the love story of its two leads and equally paying attention to the fortunes of their elders and peers, allowing you to see short snippets into stories about different forms of love.

Director Norman Jewison does a wonderful job of making Moonstruck as enjoyable and still touching as possible. It’s far from a generic romantic comedy, but still has the appeal of your average genre film. However, with heartfelt, intimate and honest drama throughout, it’s a gripping and moving watch, which is why I’m giving the film a 7.6 overall.


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