3016. Opposites Attract (2015)

6.3 Not great, but could have been worse
  • Acting 6.6
  • Directing 6.4
  • Story 6.0
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Luca Argentero, Sarah Felberbaum, Giampaolo Morelli

Director: Max Croci

Running Time: 90 mins

Opposites Attract (Poli opposti) is an Italian film about a couple’s therapist and a divorce lawyer who, despite being complete polar opposites of one another, form a unique bond when they meet in Rome.

Will-they-won’t-they romantic comedies are often hard to get right, particularly when you’re trying to match up two people who are – as the title suggests – polar opposites. In general, Opposites Attract struggles to tell a convincing romantic story, and also fails to deliver particularly good comedy. However, it’s still an easy-going rom con that’s far better than the worst in the genre.

That might hardly be the most glowing assessment of this movie, however for a story that focuses so heavily on quite an intense love-hate relationship, this could have been so much more painful to watch.

So, while Opposites Attract doesn’t quite get the chemistry between its two leads just right, it at least doesn’t spend an hour and a half telling a story that sees the pair viciously at each other’s throats.

As a result, the movie isn’t necessarily the most convincing or touching romance you’ll every see, but it is at least light-hearted and fluffy enough to sit back and enjoy with your brain turned off.

Where Opposites Attract doesn’t really hit the mark is in its comedy. It may be a fluffy, harmless movie, but it never really does enough to actually make you laugh.

Its main jokes are far from hilarious and some of the running gags are actually a little annoying – particularly in the form of one of the main supporting characters, whose antics unnecessarily derail the central romance again and again.

So in short, Opposites Attract isn’t the best romantic comedy you’ll ever see. It’s not particularly hilarious, and it lacks a convincing romantic spark throughout.

However, it’s fluffy and light-hearted enough to enjoy with your brain turned off, plus it manages to avoid falling into a genre trap of unnecessarily vicious conflict. So, that’s why I’m giving it a 6.3 overall.


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