28. Scary Movie 2 (2001)

5.5 A bit much
  • Acting 5.3
  • Directing 5.9
  • Story 5.4
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Anna Faris, Marlon Wayans, Antony Acker

Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans

Running Time: 83 mins

Scary Movie 2 is an American film and is the sequel to Scary Movie, however is this time set in a haunted house, where Cindy has to escape from ghosts and an evil spirit possessing the household.

There is a point when you can go a little bit too far, and in comparison to the first Scary Movie, this did go too far, as although the comedy was just as funny, there were points which were just horrible to watch.

I enjoyed the setting of the haunted house and all of the mick-takes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as well as many of the jokes mocking the stereotypical plot lines of horror movies.

However, some of the scenes were almost impossible for me to watch, such as the scene in the freezer with Cindy and Buddy, which was one of the most painful movie sights I have ever seen in my life.

Overall, this gets a 5.5 because it was indeed funny, however it was just a little bit too much in terms of the gore and/or other things, which brought it down a bit.


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