272. Goal! The Dream Begins (2005)

7.0 Cheesy but entertaining
  • Acting 7.0
  • Directing 7.2
  • Story 6.7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Kuno Becker, Anna Friel, Alessandro Nivola

Director: Danny Cannon

Running Time: 118 mins

Goal! The Dream Begins is a British/Spanish/German film about a Mexican man who is seen by a former scout playing Sunday League football in LA, and is given the chance to play for Newcastle Utd as they try to secure European football for next season.

This was a very good, fun film to watch. Being a sports film, there is only one storyline possible, in which the principal character’s dream comes true, he then gets knocked down, but he gets up again, to save the day at the last.

Although that whole formula is pretty cheesy and quite predictable, the way that the story in this film was actually presented was very intriguing, giving a great balance between off-the-pitch antics, such as either training or team squabbles or his relationship, and the actual football.

The one thing that annoyed me in this film was the fact that the two main players that Newcastle signed, Gavin Harris for £8m, and Santiago Muñez on a free, were bought with three games to go in the season, meaning that they were probably bought at the end of April. But the transfer window doesn’t open until July?

Anyway, overall, I’ll give this 7.0. because it was a very fun film to watch, and despite having a predictable storyline, it was enjoyable nonetheless.


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