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October 21, 2015: The day Doc and Marty arrived in the future for the very first time in their time-travelling DeLorean. Seeing as that’s today, let’s have a look back at the Back To The Future timeline, and its best moments through the years. (SPOILERS)

1885September 2, 1885

After being killed by Biff’s great-grandfather, Doc was trapped in the Wild Wild West in 1885. However, Marty McFly and Doc from 1955 travelled back to 1885 in the DeLorean to save him, only to realise that the car’ ran out of fuel, so they couldn’t get back up to 88mph.

This made way for a dangerous stay in the Wild West, as Marty attempted to cope with the unruly cowboys, and Doc had to devise a scheme in order to get back to the future.

However, during his attempts to use a steam train to push the DeLorean up to 88mph to go back to the future, Doc met a beautiful woman, Clara Clayton, who, after a few disagreements, ultimately stays with Doc in 1885 until his untimely death.

It all culminated in Doc, Marty and Clara’s exhilarating ride on a huge steam train as they pushed the DeLorean towards 88mph and sent it back ahead to 1985.

1955November 5-12, 1955

After Doc was killed by Libyans in 1985, Marty McFly was forced to escape by travelling back to November 5, 1955 in the DeLorean. He arrived by crashing into a family barnhouse, with the family threatening to kill him, thinking he is an extraterrestrial.

However, after getting slightly used to the quieter world of 1955, and also avoiding being beaten up by a young Biff, Marty befriended his father as an awkward teenager. One day, Marty saved his father from being run over by a car, but then accidentally interrupted the moment that his father met his mother, and threatening his own existence, whilst also making his own mother, as a teenager, fall in love with him!

1955 2In the meantime, another Marty McFly, this one having travelled to an alternate future where Biff rules the world, was forced to retrieve a sports almanac from young Biff, whilst also not letting his previous self, who was busy trying to reunite his young mother and father by playing Chuck Berry at a school disco, see him, as that would jeopardise the first Marty’s attempts to restore his own existence to the correct timeline. (Writing this all out in linear is really difficult…)

Ultimately, the original Marty succeeded in uniting his parents, and then, with the assistance of Doc, made a daring return to 1985 by launching the DeLorean into a lightning strike on the eve of November 12, 1955.

1985 1October 26, 1985 (1)

An incredible discovery was made by Doc on the morning of October 26, 1985, as he successfully managed to send his dog, Einstein, one minute into the future by way of a time-travelling DeLorean. Although Doc was then killed, the success of Marty McFly’s mission in 1955 returned him to 1985 minutes before Doc was killed, allowing him time to try to save him from the Libyans, although he was still too late.

However, Marty’s return from 1955 created some small changes in this 1985. Now, his parents were much cooler, and Biff was the lowly car wash attendant for the McFlys, before he, his girlfriend Jennifer, and Doc, are whisked away into yet another adventure, this time in the future, in 2015.

1985 2October 26, 1985 (2)

In an alternate future, where Biff Tannen made millions by using the sports almanac from 2015 given to his young self in 1985 by his 2015 self, he was the ruler of Hill Valley, married to Lorraine, Marty’s mother, and presiding over a debaucherous and dilapidated society.

Marty’s father, George, had also died 12 years earlier in 1973, leaving Biff as the undisputed ruler, and Doc had been sentenced to an insane asylum for his conspiracies about time travel.

Ultimately, Marty, whilst standing up to Biff, discovers that Biff was the one who killed George in 1973, forcing Marty to return back to 1955 (2) in order to stop Biff from ever getting the sports almanac and making millions.

2015October 21, 2015

Doc, Marty and Jennifer arrived in the future on October 21, 2015 after Doc told the pair that their children are a nightmare, and have to be sorted out before it was too late.

The trio arrived to discover all sorts of amazing technological advancements, including self-drying clothes, self-lacing Nike shoes, a baby Elijah Wood playing video games, Jaws 19 at the cinema in Holomax, and these amazing flying hoverboards, which children all over the cities play on.

However, after Marty discovered a sports almanac full of all the results of the last 50 years, and an elderly Biff steals it and travels back to 1955 to give it to his younger self, the trio must forget the future McFly family’s problems in order to save the world from Biff, by returning to 1955 once again.

Well, that was nice and complicated. In fact, there are at least 7 interweaving timelines in the Back To The Future canon, making it almost impossible to understand as a linear story. Read more about it here:


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