832. That’s My Boy (2012)

0.8 Vile and mean-spirited
  • Acting 0.4
  • Directing 1.4
  • Story 0.5
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10

Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Vanilla Ice

Director: Sean Anders

Running Time: 116 mins

That’s My Boy is an American film about a former child superstar who fathered a son at the age of 13 who returns 30 years later on the eve of his now grown-up son’s wedding, and becomes a little too involved in his affairs.

Films like this really make me think twice about watching so many movies, and I absolutely hate that feeling, because there are so many brilliant films out there that you can spend your time on, rather than going anywhere near pathetic piles of dung such as this.

This film’s not only not funny, but it’s offensive and mean-spirited, unimaginably irritating, a huge waste of money (with a budget of over $70m), and painfully unpleasant to sit through its near two-hour duration, whilst Adam Sandler gives what is by far his worst performance to round off surely one of the worst films ever made.

Let’s start with the horrific failed attempts at comedy that are constantly chucked in your face for two hours. Normally Adam Sandler movies are just irritating and unfunny, which is the case here too, but I’ve never seen a film of his be so horrid and offensive. His genre of slapstick is acceptable, because it can be seen as some sort of simple entertainment, but when you’ve got a film like this that is so mean-spirited, it’s disgusting to watch.

Of course, Sandler isn’t entirely to blame, the writer of this film, David Caspe, famous for pretty much nothing decent, is at fault here too. So, the reason that this film is so offensive is that it makes jokes about some rather sensitive topics in such a tasteless way. I know that comedy is meant to push boundaries, and I love films that do it well (The Wolf Of Wall Street comes to mind), but when something just attempts to be so rude, but is never funny, it’s just not acceptable.

This film makes fun of some of the most appalling things, including incest, racism, paedophilia and all sorts, and it really made me retch and look at this film in total disgust.

So, apart from the terrible excuse for comedy in this film, there’s so much more to hate about it. The story is totally predictable, and never entertaining or surprising enough to be actually interesting, the characters are so poorly explained that they just seem like half-arsed attempts to base the terrible comedy around, and Adam Sandler’s performance is so unfunny, not only due to his terrible acting and ear-piercing over-the-top accent, but because his character is just so bad too.

Overall, this gets a 0.8, because it’s a horrifically unfunny, painfully long-winded, offensive, disgusting and a pathetic waste of time.


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