750. Foodfight! (2012)

2.2 Idiotic
  • Acting 2.7
  • Directing 1.8
  • Story 2.0
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria

Director: Lawrence Kasanoff

Running Time: 91 mins

Foodfight! is an American film about a crack dog-tective named Rex who aims to save his supermarket from being taken over by the evil tyranny of the malicious Brand X.

This is an absolutely terrible film. It’s not only a display of the most horrific animation I’ve ever seen, coupled with a plot that’s both far too simplistic to be interesting, while also too dark for any kids to enjoy. In fact that’s probably the main problem with this film, that it’s full of adult humour and inappropriate innuendo, along with characters and a story that’s not fun or nice enough for kids to enjoy, so this, if it was meant to be so, is definitely not going to be enjoyable for kids.

The most painful thing about this film is the animation. Hoodwinked! proved that terrible computer game-ish animation can still work if there’s a decent story, but there definitely isn’t one here, meaning that all of your focus is placed on how the film actually looks, which is absolutely disgusting and amateur.

One of the most shocking things about this film is how big a production it actually is. With an unbelievably high budget of $45m, plus some big-name voice performances including Charlie Sheen and Eva Longoria (which are actually decent, the only real positive thing I can say about this film), it’s even more terrible to think about this film seeing as how terrible it really is.

However, the most terrible thing about this film is the story and anti-children atmosphere. Seeing as there’s a total lack of comedy, and even less of a sense of kiddy fun, all that’s left (apart from the disgusting visuals) is the plot. However, there is effectively no plot in this film, because it’s so simple and predictable that this film needn’t be more than 5 minutes long, but you unfortunately have to sit through over an hour and a half of this dire rubbish.

So, overall, this gets a 2.2, because of its horrific-looking animation, terrible story, appalling comedy, totally inappropriate atmosphere and disgustingly high budget for what came out in the end.


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