662. Shrek The Third (2007)

5.7 Disappointing
  • Acting 6.2
  • Directing 6.2
  • Story 4.8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy

Director: Chris Miller, Raman Hui

Running Time: 93 mins

Shrek The Third is an American film and the third film in the Shrek franchise. After King Harold falls ill, Shrek decides to travel far away from Far Far Away to recruit family relative Artie to take his own place as heir to the throne, however while he’s gone, Prince Charming and other fairytale villains stage an attack on the kingdom in an attempt at getting their own happily ever after.

Well, this is where this film franchise really takes a turn for the worse. I don’t know whether there were changes in writing or something, but this cannot compare at all to the first two hugely entertaining films, as it includes a convoluted plot, poor new characters, a serious lack of consistently funny comedy, and A RUBBISH POP SOUNDTRACK (believe me, that really makes a difference).

It’s a real shame to see something like this descend into the depths of what is solely a family animation film. That’s fine for the kids, but the genius of the first two films was that it was entertaining for children and adults alike, whereas this is just a watered-down, uninteresting family flick.

The story is another step down from Shrek 2. I noticed that that was becoming a little convoluted plot-wise, but its great comedy diverted my attention from that, however with such a lack of laughs here, I was incredibly annoyed by its very boring and clichéd (not in a good way like Shrek) story.

Also, one of the aspects in which Shrek 2 was better than the first film was the hilarious new characters. However, here, some of the characters were tedious. Artie was a boring teenager, while some of the princesses were just not a funny mick-take at all.

However, I did laugh quite a bit every time the rude-talking, loud-mouthed Snow White popped up on screen, plus the assembling of the Disney Princesses in an Avengers-style line-up was also pretty good, but apart from that, there wasn’t much to be entertained by in this film, so that’s why it gets a 5.7.


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