438. Frozen (2013)

8.0 Fantastic
  • Acting 8.1
  • Directing 7.9
  • Story 8.1
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9

Starring: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Running Time: 100 mins

Frozen is an American film about Ana, the sister of The Snow Queen, who sets off on an adventure with a reindeer, an ice salesman, and a snowman, to save both her sister, and her hometown from the dangers of the eternal winter.

How can you not adore this film? It may be simple and cheesy, but it has a fantastic and clever adventure story to it, hugely supportable characters, brilliant fun along the way, and most of all, some of the most beautiful animation I’ve probably ever seen in a film.

Starting with that animation, I thought that it had a huge impact on the atmosphere of the film. The landscapes were created amazingly to make it just dazzling to look at, but the way that they created the image of the ice and the snow throughout really made it a magical winter atmosphere.

Something else that really helped the feel of the movie was the characters. A diverse range of Disney stereotypes, with a Disney princess, two nice guys, a reindeer, and a hilariously fun snowman (who was nowhere near as annoying as I initially thought), all contributed to making this film have an extremely happy atmosphere, as well as fun from start to finish.

This film is similar to Tangled in principle, however I didn’t enjoy that nearly as much. The problem with that film is that it overplayed the romance element to the story, making it overly cheesy, and not a fun kids’ film, but Frozen gets ‘le fromage’ level just right. There is a romance story to it, which is occasionally irritating, but the level of cheese throughout was just perfect to make it both fun and simple.

The story was also a big surprise for me. Normally Disney stories like this are just completely predictable every step of the way, but this was exciting to watch all the way through, with a big (and unexpected twist) right in the middle that really changes your whole outlook on the film.

Overall, I’ll give this an 8.0, because it was a fun, original, enjoyable, clever and most of all beautifully dazzling and magical film to watch.


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  1. I finally watched it and entered in my favourite top ten. I LOVED IT. I agree with “and a hilariously fun snowman (who was nowhere near as annoying as I initially thought”, when I saw the trailer I thought that the snowman would ruin everything, but I was proven wrong.
    I really love how they question the logic of other people´s actions. When Anna tells Kristoph that she met Hans and got engaged on the same day he thinks she is insane and can´t process the information, which would be the normal reaction. I think that everyone is so used to the ilogic logic of films that we never questioned her “I love him I´´ll marry him” attitude.
    Also when Kristoph is presenting her his family. I LOVE how Olaf says “I´ll distract him, just run.” It´s just hilarious. Until that point it was him saying her she was a bit nuts, but in that moment she realises he is completely insane. I love it, it is the best.
    I think the animation is fantastic. I supose the got a lot of snow experince with Rise of the Guardians. I love how animation is so lovely and fabulous. It is a shame that lots of people don´t like animation because they think it´s childish.
    Some of the songs are very great, some not that much… but you can´t like everything. Also I love that it is not all songs. Sometimes the plot loses a lot if there are too many songs.
    In conclusion, I loved the movie. 10/10 would watch again. If I had to give it a mark I would give it a 8.4. Now I am really looking forward to the next Disney hit!

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