292. Sharknado (2013)

2.3 What did you expect?
  • Acting 2.7
  • Directing 2.5
  • Story 1.8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard

Director: Anthony C. Ferrante

Running Time: 86 mins

Sharknado is an American film about a major hurricane in California that develops into a deadly tornado, filled with killer sharks! However, five or so people attempt to save Hollywood from being destroyed by the sharks (but not the tornado, because apparently they don’t do as much structural damage as sharks).

Well, this was an absolutely appalling film. I thought the whole thing was completely over-the-top, it had a terribly predictable and ridiculous story, and on the whole it was just a really bad film to watch.

When these guys came up with the idea for a film based around a tornado filled with sharks, I don’t know what they were thinking, however if this had been intended to be a comedy, not a ‘mockbuster’ as it is labelled, I think it would have been pretty average, due to the absolutely hilariously bad violence, laughably pathetic CGI special effects and overall premise.

However, in comparison to other films by The Asylum, namely Nazis At The Centre Of The Earth and Titanic II, this film was at least entertainingly awful, and not painful to watch, like the other two, which meant it got a few extra good marks from me, however it was mostly terrible and stupid, so that’s why it gets a 2.3 from me.


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