2260. I’ll See You In My Dreams (2015)

6.7 Sweet, but not enthralling
  • Acting 7.1
  • Directing 6.5
  • Story 6.6
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Starring: Blythe Danner, Martin Starr, Sam Elliott

Director: Brett Daley

Running Time: 96 mins

I’ll See You In My Dreams is an American film about a woman who, after the death of her long-beloved dog, looks for companionship in her life once again, finding it in the unlikely relationships she strikes up with two men.

This is a really rather sweet and relaxing film, with a good bit of heart and a calm atmosphere that echoes a more genuine desire for companionship in our main character. In that, it can be an enjoyable watch, and there are moments to make you smile, although I can’t say it’s the world’s most enthralling film, failing to really engross you with its story beyond a superficial level, and missing out on delivering powerful drama at opportune moments.

Let’s start off on the bright side, though. The best thing about this film as a whole is the fact that it is really rather pleasant and sweet. It’s not intended to be a melodramatic tearjerker, nor is it a silly comedy, but rather a wonderful, intimate portrayal of a woman struggling with loss, and yet finding more joy in another part of her life.

Blythe Danner is wonderful in the lead role, with a calm, measured performance that makes a very likable on-screen presence, and lends a real genuineness to her character as she goes through a rather difficult period in her life. She plays well with supporting co-stars Martin Starr and Sam Elliott, and even though the film’s screenplay means that there isn’t all that much depth to those characters, the performances are what make them genuinely delightful.

With that said, as much heart and pleasant, calm drama as this film has, I have to say that it still doesn’t do all that much to inspire real emotion throughout. While it has a pleasing nature, the development of the story is there to instil a little more drama into proceedings, however that doesn’t quite work out here.

Whether it be the fact that the plot and its major flash points are somewhat predictable, or the fact that there just isn’t enough emotional depth in the screenplay, I really found it difficult to feel genuinely touched or moved by some of the more emotional moments later on in the film.

And as a result, there’s nothing about this film that really sticks out in my mind after having watched it. It’s a pleasant watch, and a fairly sweet way to spend an hour and a half, but its lack of strong drama mean it’s hardly the most enthralling or memorable film you’ll ever see, and that’s why I’m giving it a 6.7 overall.


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