117. Stand Up Guys (2012)

5.6 Disappointing
  • Acting 5.6
  • Directing 5.6
  • Story 5.5
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

Starring: Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin

Director: Fisher Stevens

Running Time: 95 mins

Stand Up Guys is an American film about two aged gangsters who attempt to reform their old gang, while one member has the task of killing his friend, so they spend the night giving him the time of his life.

I must say that this film was quite disappointing for a film with such fantastic actors in it as Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin, however I did enjoy the story a bit.

I could see that this film was intended to be a dark comedy for die hard gangster film fans, and although I too love a good gangster film, this was not very entertaining in terms of its comedy value in my opinion.

Some parts were obviously very entertaining, and it was nice to see another side to these actors who have been in such classics as The Godfather and True Romance, but for some reason, every scene throughout just kept reminding me of an episode of Top Gear, which was very distracting. (Walken = Clarkson, Pacino = Hammond, Arkin = May).

Overall, I’ll give this a 5.6, because it was occasionally entertaining, along with a nice story, but for the most part it was just very disappointing and poor.

(By the way, that’s 100 days gone, and I’m already 17 films up, so we’re going well for 400!)


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